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Steve, the founder of Technical Visionaries, has a degree in Architecture, 20 years in the custom smart-home integration and theater business, and is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with over 30 years of experience in the computer and technology fields. These qualifications make Technical Visionaries one of the best to design, install, program or troubleshoot your home system.

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We've all wondered what is the easiest way to get rid of all of those remotes on the coffee table or have been frustrated by not being able to figure out which input the home theater receiver or TV should be on when that big game is starting. Let me help you work through these problems. I can provide easy-to-use solutions using inexpensive and high quality universal remote controls and simple equipment setups.Is your home theater equipment behind doors? Then let's set up an inexpensive infrared repeating system so that you do not have to point the remote at the DVD player or cable box.

Do you need a TV mounted on the wall? Many types of mounts are available, including fixed wall mounts, tilting and articulating mounts, which allow you to pull the TV away from the wall and swivel it in opposite directions.Wiring a TV to your receiver / speakers and Blu-Ray player, DVD player, VCR, and satellite tuner or HDTV antenna tuner can be a bit complicated with all of those different types of video and audio plugs and the new HDMI cables. Sometimes just a little help is all that's needed to get all of those components wired correctly. Let me help you figure out what are the best quality components and cables that will provide the most enjoyable arrangement for your home system.

Are you deciding between Comcast Xfinity, AT&T U-verse (uverse), DirecTV or Dish Network. I can help you decide whats best for your home and help you find the best TV, Internet & Phone package.Also, let me help you pick out your new Plasma, LCD, LED or DLP TV or projector for that incredible high-def experience. 3D TV's and UHDTV 4k TV's are an option as well. We can pick out the appropriate speakers for your room and the right equipment to fit your budget. (Silver level theaters start at $9000 including labor). I'll work with you to design the perfect location and ventilation, and then install the entire system, including programming that new remote to control it all. (By the way, these remotes are great gifts for elderly parents or for a rental house. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten a pat on the back or a very sincere thank you from a lovely couple who had no idea how to work their system properly.)

I have over 30 years of experience with Windows and Apple Macintosh computers as well as setting up wired and wireless networks. Would you like to listen to or watch your iTunes movies on your home theater system even though your computer is in another room? Would you also like to be able to control those playlists from your iPhone or iTouch (iPod) without having to go to another room to change the music? I can make your computers, audio and video systems work together in many different ways. The technology is changing everyday, and I enjoy keeping up with it. Whole house audio can be done with numerous manufacturer's these days. We can use Sonos, Denon, or if you are an Apple household, we can install all Apple product for you to provide 2-24 rooms of audio.I'm reliable, honest, intelligent and have the expertise to walk you through any technology questions you may have. I've worked on $200 systems to ones that cost $500,000. I've seen the many aspects of proper and improper installation, and I guarantee I'll be there when you need someone on the phone to get you through a sticky situation.

I have access to multiple wholesale suppliers and distributors on the most popular brand names. Being a dealer for these products allows me to give you a much better warranty than what you might get if you purchased a TV, DVD player, etc., online or at an electronics store. If anything fails, give me a call and I can replace your equipment within a couple business days. I can take care of those warranty issues so you don't have to deal with them.

**Lutron lighting. Spending over $10,000 for a solar panel system might not be in the budget just yet, but did you know that controlled lighting for the home is now very reasonably priced and can save you $ hundreds of dollars per year. We sell and program Lutron RadioRa2 lighting systems that are controlled from your Android, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch... and you don't even need to be home to check the status of your lights. One press of a button, called the Green button, and all of the lights within your home can be dimmed by 5-10% to save you money during the peak energy pricing periods of the day. Did you know that dimming a light switch by 20% can save you significant energy costs, and you can hardly notice the difference in the brightness.

The Lutron switches are decora style and just require a qualified electrician to replace any switch in your home. Buy as many switches as you like, and then replace more in the future when your budget allows. These systems use to cost $10-20,000 a few years ago, but are easily installed for under $2000 now. They typically pay for themselves in 12-24 months.

Call me today for a free in-home or phone consultation. You can reach me on my cell phone at (707) 287-4544

I look forward to hearing from you,

Cheers, Steve